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We are a research healthcare company that are committed to improving the health and well-being of people. We abided by the promise of ‘cherish the health and help to create a better life’, adhering to the concept of ‘Predictive’, ‘Protective’ and ‘Personalized’, to help people to stay healthy and have a wonderful life by making affordable food supplements and health care products that includes skin care, medicine, molecular diagnosis reagents. Also researching and discovery new drugs that can improve people’s health. Our team include scientist, nutritionists, engineers and designers that put their heart and soul into producing and discovering the highest quality ...
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Release time: 2016 - 10 - 16
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丁侃董事长(图中)与韩国Accupix公司CHO Mr.JAE(图左)一行在中科院上海药物研究所合影   爱礼康生物医药(苏州)有限公司丁侃董事长(博士)与(韩国)Accupix公司CHO Mr.JAE于2016年8月9日在中国江苏省苏州市工业园区若水路398号中科院纳米所D栋11楼进行了友好协商,并对合作事宜达成初步共识如下:一、以爱礼康生物医药(苏州)有限公司提供技术和产品,(韩国)Accupix公司提供资金和负责市场运营的方式进行合作,共同成立“100Life”公司。二、爱礼康生物医药(苏州)有限公司将现有产品纤必可膳食纤维、纤必可代餐粉按(韩国)Accupix公司提供的包装需求生产成品销售给 (韩国)Accupix公司。三、爱礼康生物医药(苏州)有限公司将提供基于其先进的多糖技术产品负责。产品包括但不限于固体饮料的功能性食品(膳食纤维、代餐粉、抗癌、抗糖尿病、免疫调节、降脂功能食品和睡眠产品)和皮肤护理产品。产品的包装设计应符合(韩国)Accupix公司另外的要求,两公司还将合作在未来开发出新的药物四、(韩国)Accupix公司将尽最大努力,为共同的利益分配和销售的产品。  双方达成一致共识,两位代表人对两家公司未来的合作和前景都有足够的信心和美好的期望!   双方洽谈代表合影 双方洽...
Release time: 2015 - 05 - 18
Clicks: 276
Fibecol, is a health food product brand of Anique, it is a powdered beverage containing dietary fiber. Fibecol has been in production since Jan. 2015 and is expected to hit the consumer market on Q3 of 2015.It is made using the world leading absorption technology for soluble polysaccharide combined with the patented technology on biological targeting of intestinal tumor cells. Fibecol is made using the natural polysaccharide from fruits and vegetables. The fibecol contained the smart pectin (Pending patent ID: 201510231030.8) which inhibits the growth of colon cancer cells without affecting th...
Release time: 2015 - 05 - 27
Clicks: 213
An 3:00 pm on May 27th , 2015, Professor Ding Kan of Anique and the professor and director of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiang Hualiang officially signed a patent licensing agreement.The Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica and Anique company reach a formal agreement on:The patent law of the people's Republic of China ', ' The detailed rules and regulations for patent law of the people's Republic of China ' and ' The identification and marking method for the patent of the people's Republic of China', the Shanghai Institute...
Release time: 2015 - 05 - 28
Clicks: 128
"Polyisis" is a series of skin care products for acne treatment, using advanced formula, flora essence, fat balance to repair and improve the skin barrier."Phemea" offers multiple layers of anti-wrinkle protection for the skin, it also provide immediate firming and full reversal of muscle aging.Using advanced technology to extract active polysaccharides from natural plant flowers, it is one of the best moisturizing and antibacterial lotion, the active polysaccharides are used in both "Phemea" and "Polyisis" line of skin care products.

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  • Release time: 2014 - 10 - 28
    We regularly interact and work with doctors, nutritionist, biologists, and other healthcare professionals as they provide us with valuable expertise and insights into patient care, and Anique plays an important role in providing accurate information about our medicines and healthcare products to help them provide the best treatment for their consumers. Specially, we provide custom ordered healthcare products service.Personalized healthcareAnique believes that every individual is unique therefore requiring personalized health care. Based on customer physical condition, we design and make special formulas to benefit your health or prevent from sub-health condition development.Based on theory of traditional Chinese medicine, nutriology, physiology, and modern techniques of biochemistry and ph...
  • Release time: 2015 - 12 - 02
    Brilliant doctor usually could make prognosis of a disease and adopt preventive treatment strategy for sub-health condition to make the disease never happen. Before Western medicine entering China, nearly all of clinically used herbal medicines are from natural products, including plant, animal tissue or organ, fungus, or even mineral. Actually, some of them are foods. According to FDA (Food and Drug Administration, U.S.A.) record, nearly half of new drug originally comes from natural products. The effective of most of herbs is not as potent as that of Western medicine, however this is only the concentration issue in some cases. Based on the experimental results, some of foods contain bioactive compounds which could benefit sub-health conditions. Anique employ those foods to compose specia...

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